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It Didn’t Just Happen

Things just don’t happen to children of God.

They’re part of a wonderful plan;

The troubles, reverses, the sorrows. The rod,

Are strokes of the Great Sculptor’s hand.

When some dread accident strikes you a blow

And you worry and fret and demand;

Why try so hard the mystery to know?

It’s not just an accident; it’s planned.

Have you been dropped from a place of power?

Do you wonder and reprimand?

Don’t rebel, but look to Him in that hour;

This didn’t just happen; it’s planned.

Persecution, tribulations come down like a storm;

Friends disappoint and withstand;

At last, all alone, bewildered, forlorn,

You look, and He smiles: “This is planned,”

Do you wonder why God to affliction should call,

And why you must suffer and moan?

“No mad should be moved by affliction” says Paul,

“For you know it is part of the plan,”

Did some dear one sicken and finally die?

Did your heart break with anguish and woe?

Did you question you Lord, and cry: “My God why?”

Don’t question—He planned it just so.

Things just don’ happen to children of God,

The blue print was made by his hand;

He designed all details to conform to His son,

So all things that happen are planned,

No matter what happens to those called “His own,”

Events that are awful or grand;

Every trial of your life He sends from His Throne;

Things just don’t happen, they’re planned.


ROMANS 8:28—“And we know that all things work together for good to them that

Love God. To them who are called according to His purpose.”


                                                                                      ---H.E.M. Snyder